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SEafield Day


These few pages have been prepared to enable you to have a better understanding of our settings.  We hope that by reading this handbook, you can familiarize yourself with your child’s daily routines and the rules in his or her classroom.


Seafield Day Nursery is located at 100 York Gate Blvd., Downsview, Ontario, M3N 2C4.  This center was established in 1971 and since then we have tried very hard to serve this community.


There is a non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 for first child and $5.00 for the any other child after that.


Effective January 2020 are daily fees by age category are as follows:

                        Infants             $ 90.00

                        Toddlers           $ 70.00

                        Preschool         $ 47.00


                        Am/Pm             $ 31.00

                        Am                   $ 16.00

                        Pm                   $ 20.00

                        Camp               $ 44.00

                        Hot Lunch         $   4.30                                   

                        School Age       $ 30


                        Summer Camp $ 42.00


Our premises are under 24 hour surveillance and security access is required to enter the premises.  You may register for a security pass (fob) for which a $20 deposit is required. Entry to the premises is through the playground of the child care center located west of the building entrance.

****You are not to use the Entrance to the building****


Seafield opens its doors everyday (except weekends and statutory holidays) at 7:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm.


Weekly programming sheets and daily schedules are posted on the bulletin boards in each room.  Please check the program sheet.  If you have any comments or concerns, please let us know.  Our goal is to aid in your child’s development by providing a program that is varied, appropriate and stimulating while focusing on your child’s interests.  The curriculum is one that helps children develop socially, emotionally, physically, linguistically and cognitively, along with the development of positive attitudes.  Opportunities for cooperative play and social interaction are an integral part of our program.  The display of emotions will be encouraged and staff will help children become comfortable with their emotions.  Physical experiences through gross motor activities are part of our daily program. We encourage your participation throughout the planning and implementation of all of our programs.


In order for your child to benefit from the full program, we ask that you bring your child in by 9:30 am at the latest.  If your child is sick, late or will not be in that day, the centre should be notified by telephone at 416-663-0596 by 9:00 am.
Arrival shall be only from the main entrance of Seafield Day Nursery, through the gates and playground.


Children should be picked up no later than 6:00 pm.  Please notify us if your child is to be picked up earlier or later than usual.  In view of the serious inconvenience to staff members caused by late pick ups, Parents who are late picking up their children (After 6:00 pm), will be subject to a late fee of $1.00 per minute, per child.  The late fee should be paid directly to the staff member on duty.  If the child is not picked up and the program staff not contacted by 6:00 pm the parent is called.  If there is no answer, all emergency numbers supplied will be called. If the child is not picked up by 7:00 pm, both the Children’s Aid Society and the Police will be contacted.  After two offences of pick-up occurring after 7 pm or after repeated offences of a less serious nature, the daycare management will consider terminating the parent’s enrolment.

 No child shall be allowed to come to or to leave the centre without an accompanying adult or sibling 16 years of older.

Payment of Fees

Daycare fees need to be paid the First day of each month and can be paid by cheque, money order or cash.  Please refer to our Financial Policy for details.  Late payment of fees may result in a late fee charge and/or refusal of care.

Payment of Late Fees

Parents will be informed and asked to initial the amount of their late fee upon pick up of their child(ren).  Payment is required on the spot.  If that is not possible, then as soon as possible payment should be made.  If payment is not made during a reasonable amount of time, a bill for late fee will be issued.  If payment is again not paid, the daycare may refuse care.  The Staff are compelled by daycare management to implement this policy consistently.  Your cooperation would be appreciated.

Unauthorized Pick-up

Center staff cannot allow a child to leave Seafield with a person whom they do not know unless authorized by the parent to do so.  Only those people listed on the admissions form by the parents are allowed to pick up the child.  Therefore, if someone other than a parent or authorized individuals is to pick up the child, the office must be notified in advance.  Please call and advise the office in this case.  If an unauthorized person should arrive to pick up your child, they will be asked to wait until a parent or guardian can be reached by telephone.  Under no circumstances, will this person be allowed to leave with the child, until a parent or guardian has given permission. 

Absences of Child

Please notify Seafield Day Nursery, 416-663-0596, by 9:00 am if your child is sick or is to be absent for one or more days.  This will facilitate planning for snacks and lunches.  If your child is not coming due to an illness, it is also important to telephone the center to advice about the sort of illness your child has contracted.  This will help staff to identify symptoms in other children with whom your child has come in contact. 

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to take part in ongoing activities in their child’s classroom throughout the year.  There are many areas where parents can assist at the center.  These include accompanying the class on outings, special program events, etc. 

One very important way in which parents can be involved is communication with the staff about their child.  It helps the staff if parents take a few minutes at the beginning or the end of the day to let them know of any special or unusual events that may have an impact on the child and the way in which she or he will approach the programs.  Likewise, the staff will want to let parents know of any highlights or upsets that have occurred during the child’s day. 


Weekly programming sheets and daily schedules are posted on the bulletin boards in each room.  Please check the program sheet.  If you have any comments or concerns, please let us know.  Our goal is to aid in your child’s development by providing a program that is varied, appropriate and stimulating while focusing on your child’s interests.  The curriculum is one that helps children develop socially, emotionally, physically, linguistically and cognitively, along with the development of positive attitudes.  Opportunities for cooperative play and social interaction are an integral part of our program.  The display of emotions will be encouraged and staff will help children become comfortable with their emotions.  Physical experiences through gross motor activities are part of our daily program. We encourage your participation throughout the planning and implementation of all of our programs.

Escorting to and from School (Gosford, Driftwood & St. Charles Garnier Catholic)

If your child is registered for a program offered by school, either before or after school, you are responsible for their drop off and pick up.  Your children will be met by us at a meeting spot (School Age) or picked up from the playground or directly from their classrooms (FDK) depending on the school’s policy.  Your children will be dressed with their appropriate outdoor clothing by their school teachers.  Should you have any concerns with respect to their attire, you need to contact your child’s school teachers and speak to them directly regarding your concerns.

Volunteer Policy

All volunteers/students are supervised at all times when around the children and a Police Reference Check is also administered before they are permitted in the classrooms.

Income tax statements

If requested, an official tax letter will be provided to you based on a record of the previous year’s fees paid to the center.  Tax receipts are to be picked up at the daycare office.  Fee receipts and tax letters will not be issued until all outstanding fees and penalties are paid.


It is important that the center be able to get in touch with a parent or an alternate in case of an emergency.  To ensure that parents are immediately accessible in the case of an emergency, it is essential that the centre be notified of any change in home address, employment, and other phone numbers, etc. 

Health Policy

We realize that health is a complex issue in a daycare center and in formulating our health policy we have been cognizant of the following factors:

Illness: Our basic guideline is that a child should not be in the Centre if s/he has any of the following:

  • A temperature of 100F or more. If a child has been away from the Centre (or sent home) with a fever, s/he may not return until his/her temperature has been normal for 24 hours.

  • Serious Diarrhea. If a child has serious, unexplained diarrhea (foul smelling, unusual coloration, mucous-like liquid or burning) the child should not be in the centre, and if the child has two or more such movements during the day, the parents will be asked to take him/her home.

  • Serious, unexplained vomiting

  • Extensive and unexplained rashes.

  • Paleness, flushed face or constant crying

  • Yellow discharge from the eyes, crustiness around the eyes, puffy or red eyes.

These signs and symptoms are fairly obvious and indicate that the child is ill.  Unfortunately, there are other times that it is difficult to determine if the child should be at school.  A slight cold or the end of an illness, are two examples.  In such instances please use reasonable judgement.

There are other times when a child is not showing signs of a definite illness, but yet is unable to handle the stress of the day.  In these instances, it will be the decision of the supervisor and the staff as to whether the child should be taken home.

Contagious Disease:If a child is suspected of having any contagious disease, the child must not be in the Center, and if symptoms develop during the day, the parents will be asked to take the child home immediately.The child may not return to daycare until there is a note from the doctor saying the child’s condition is no longer contagious.


The staff can administer medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor, but only if authorized to do so by the child’s parent.  If a child is on such medication, his/her parents will be asked to fill out and sign a medicine form at the center.  The staff will following the administration amounts and times provided on the original label of the medicine.  Medication must be in the original container with a prescribed label intact.  The center will only administer medicine where dosage is more than twice daily.

The staff will not administer any non-prescription medication to any child without the consent of the child’s doctor in writing.


For the children, food is prepared fresh daily on the premises.  We do not limit their food intake, unless directed to do so by the parents.  Please indicate on your child’s application form any allergies or special diets he or she may have so that special arrangements can be made.  Please note that this center is a nut-free and pork free environment.

Toilet Training

Toilet Training is achieved when the child has control over urination and bowel movements.  This happens at very different ages.  When the child shows some signs of interest, the staff encourages him/her to sit on the toilet at routine times.  The staff works closely with the parents on the training of the child.  Please bring plenty of training pants and several complete changes of clothing, when you feel your child is ready.  Be prepared for lots of laundry the first few weeks.  It is important that the child receive positive reinforcements when deserved and acceptance when accidents occur.

When parents arrive with their children in the morning, they are asked to toilet and or change their child in to whatever kind of diaper that they have made arrangements for their children to wear.  This is important as an indication of the last time your child was toileted.  Seafield does not provide diapers or “bottom care” products (eg. Cream, powder).   If your child requires these items, you must supply them.  They will be kept in a cubby for the child (labelled with their names) and will not be shared with other children.


All children require a complete change of clothing.  In order to minimize the number of items getting lost, parents are asked to fully label all items of clothing.  For any reason, should your child require daycare clothing, they need to be returned to the centre washed, the following day.  The center is NOT responsible for lost items.


Please do not send toys to the center with your child with the exception of Show and Tell days.  The center is NOT responsible for the loss or damage of any property brought to the center.

Outdoor Time/Off Premise

The Toddlers and Infants have their own playground.  Gross Motor activities are a very important part of our outdoor time.  Weather permitting the children have outdoor activities twice per day.  The children also go on walks to various places around the neighbourhood, ex. Parks, malls, library, etc.

Field Trips

FDK and School Age groups do participate in several field trips during the march break and summer holidays.  We encourage parental involvement both at the planning stages as well as escorting the children on the field trips.  Some of our trips in the past have included, Movies, Center Island, Lego land, etc.

Accident and Sickness Reports

During your child’s time at daycare, he or she may have experience an accident while playing, either indoors and out. If the accident is of a less than serious nature, necessary steps will be taken to ensure that the child’s injuries are tended to.  A report will be written by the supervising teacher and witnessed by the supervisor of the center.  Upon departure from the daycare, the parents/guardian will be informed of any incidents concerning their child and asked to sign the report.  This report is documented into the child’s file for future reference. 

Should a child come to daycare with any visible scars or injuries, parents or siblings will be asked about their cause.  Again, a report will be filled out by the supervising teacher and presented to parents upon pick up.  According to the CCEY Act, you are required to receive a copy of the accident and sickness reports.

Anaphylactic Policy

Since there are many factors and degrees of allergic reactions within each individual, there is a strategy to reduce their risk of exposure to causing agents. An overall strategy to reduce the risk is taken upon by the daycare, by either, eliminating the use of the agent, and/or preventing exposure to the agent by limiting food brought on site from outside sources.

Seafield is a Nut Free, Pork Free and Smoke Free environment.

Communication Plan/Rules for Parents to bring in food from home

Allergy lists are posted in the main cooking area and in every classroom.  However, any child with an Anaphylactic allergy will be highlighted and posted. A list of symptoms will also accompany the allergy list for those specific children.  Parents will be notified of any changes to allergic agents not permitted on the daycare premises.  Labels of food coming on to the premises must be attached and reviewed prior to being permitted on the premises.  Due to Covid, we are currently limiting food that is made and brought from home.

Withdrawal from Daycare

Parents are required to give the supervisor two weeks written notice of withdrawal.  Parents are responsible for paying fees for that period.  Parents are charged for all days regardless of whether the child is in attendance or not.  If for whatever reason Seafield Day Nursery does not receive notice or payment in lieu of notice, legal action may be taken.  Please refer to your application form for details of policies regarding withdrawal from daycare.

Helpful Hints

Each day please:

  • Toilet and /or change your child at the time of arrival

  • Help your child become engaged in an activity that he enjoys

  • Check to make sure that your child has a change of clothes and available diapers

  • Always say goodbye to your child. If you leave without he or she being aware of it, he or she will begin to feel mistrust about the daycare experience.

  • If you are worried about your child, give us a call anytime.

  • Before you leave, please check your child’s cubby for dirty clothing and please check the daily charts (for Toddlers and Infants)

  • Talk to us and communicate with the staff; we like to hear your comments.

Access & Equity Policy

This Access and Equity Policy reflects Seafield Day Nursery’s commitment to providing a high level of service and facilities, which are accessible to the whole community. We recognize the richness of the community we serve. Please refer to full policy in the daycare office.

Inclusion Policy

An inclusive early learning program strives to find ways to include all children and remove all barriers that may prevent children from actively participating.  We believe that a program will benefit from accepting and appreciating diversity. Please refer to full policy in the daycare office.

Child Abuse Policy

The Child and Family Act states, that every suspected incident of child abuse must be reported immediately.  We have a duty under this act to report to Child’s Aid Society or the Catholic Children’s Aid Society.  Please refer to full policy in the daycare office.

Parental Code of Conduct

These rules are written to encourage Parent/Guardians and Adults to model appropriate behaviour towards our staff, other parents, students, volunteers and other children while on child care premises.  Please refer to your application form for more details on our expectations of parents.

Serious Occurrences

An Occurrence is deemed serious and is to be reported by Seafield Day Nursery to the Ministry of Education and posted on our parent information board in all of our rooms.

Admission/Discharge Policy

Seafield Day Nursery will, through an interview process, determine whether or not, as an early learning institution, it will be able to provide the quality of care and learning the child requires based on the child’s abilities.  The interview process may include the Head Teacher of the child’s classroom, the Supervisor and/or the centers Special needs Resource Staff as participants.  No child is refused, unless, all parties determine that this setting will not benefit the child’s development.  Reasonable care will be taken in assessing the child’s needs.  The admittance of the child will be on a trial basis.  For the first 3 months, the child’s development is observed and a gradual admission plan is implemented to ensure a stable transition to the program.  At the end of the trial basis period, the group will reconvene and reassess.

Parents and Seafield Day Nursery both have equal right for notice of withdrawal.  Written notice provided at least two weeks in advance is required by each party.  A daycare notice of withdrawal will occur if:

  • A child does not seem to be able to adjust to the program

  • Is disruptive to the daily routine

  • Puts other children and staff’s safety and security in danger

  • The parents or guardians breach any of the terms of enrolment agreement or daycare regulations

  • Your child is absent from care for up to 5 days without any contact made to the center

  • Your child is in the School age room and accommodation for younger children moving into that program needs to be made.

Before such a discharge, the following steps will first occur:

  • In instances where a child’s special needs cannot be met by the center, documentation by staff of behaviour management tactics and strategies used will be explained and the situation discussed with the Supervisor and explained to Parents.The center will endeavour to work with the parents and with the child to develop positive behaviour and eliminate the issues.

  • If the behaviour management strategies and tactics employed by the staff and the center plus any initiatives used by parents at home fail to resolve the problem, or if the center cannot manage to meet the needs of the child in question, the Supervisor will meet with the child’s parents to determine a mutually agreed upon course of action.This may include counseling from an outside agency or third parties; example:

  • Establishing a Service Agreement with the Special Needs Resourcing Staff

  • Discussing all issues with the centers Program Coordinator and Director while implementing strategies

  • The Supervisor will keep the Toronto Children’s Services Program Consultant abreast of all cases which could result in either a Serious Occurrence or Withdrawal from the program.

  •  All meetings will be documented.

  • Should the steps above be employed and the problems have not been resolved, the center will give written notice of two weeks to the parents and will attempt to arrange appropriate and available client supports.

  • In exceptional cases when any child is deemed by the Supervisor and staff to either be endangering themselves or others in the center, children and staff, and the center is not able to manage this behaviour in order to reasonably ensure the safety of all concerned, the center may decide that the child be withdrawn immediately.In such cases, parents will be given written notice of the immediate discharge of the child.

  • In all cases, Toronto Children’s Services Program Consultants will be informed in writing.

Child Guidance

Seafield Day Nursery is dedicated to creating a rich and safe learning environment for the children, however at times, it is necessary to set limits and standards of what we believe is appropriate behaviour.  Our staff  members adhere to our Guidance Policies and Procedures while interaction with the children in our programs.  In addition, we prohibit certain practices which can put at risk the child’s safety and well being. Disciplinary actions will be taken including termination of employment.

Prohibited Practices

*Corporal Punishment;

*Physical restraint of a child, such as confining the child to a high chair, car seat, stroller or other device for the purposes of discipline or in lieu of supervision, unless the physical restraint is for the purpose of preventing a child from hurting himself, herself or someone else and is used only as a last resort and only until the risk of injury is no longer imminent;

*Depriving a child of his/her basic needs, including food, shelter, clothing, bedding

*Locking the exits of the child care center premises for the purpose of confining the child or confining the child in an area or room without adult supervision, unless such confinement occurs during an emergency and is required as part of the licensee's emergency management policies and procedures;

*Using harsh or degrading measure or threats or use of derogatory language directed at or used in the presence of a child that can humiliate, shame or frighten the child or undermine his/her self-respect, dignity or self-worth;

*Inflicting any bodily harm on children including making children eat or drink against their will.