Infant Program

Relationships don’t just come into fruition, they grow.  At Seafield we have several principles in which the teachers in the infant room follow: Involve the infants in everything you do, learn about each infant’s individual needs and unique attributes, respect and love them, model the behaviour you want them to learn, allow infants to problem solve as a way to learn, build trust and most importantly have fun!  The infant room is a happy room with music playing and with young children involved in all types of play.  We incorporate art, sensory, gross motor and reading in almost every part of the day.  Each infant is individually taken care of and their needs met.  The room, although always busy, follows the infant’s schedule of when they want to eat, sleep or play.   We have an outdoor playground dedicated for their use with age appropriate equipment.  The infant room caters to newborns until 18 months of age.

Toddler Program

A Toddlers motto is “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine”.  In a room full of 18 month old to 30 month old children, there is never a dull moment.  Weekly age appropriate activities are always implemented and are based on the Emergent Curriculum.  At this age, skill building is essential to the success of the child and programming is done to reflect that need.  Independence is an attribute that is emphasized in this room.  From feeding to dressing and toilet training, the children in this age group grow and learn very quickly.


Preschool Program

Children in this program range from 30 months to 5 years of age.  At this stage the children are well versed in their language skills, can identify feelings and have their own attitudes and opinions about almost everything.  Programming in this age group is mostly based on the children’s interests and school readiness.  Registered Early Childhood Educators spend countless hours observing and recognizing the children’s interests and incorporate them into their weekly programming, such as cooking, science experiments, drama/plays, and much more.  We have an outdoor playground dedicated to this age group with use of age appropriate bikes, scooters and other equipment.  During the summer months, children in this age group participate in many outdoor activities including water play.

Before & After School Program

Junior and Senior Kindergarten children who now attend Full Day Kindergarten in our neighbouring schools are offered a Before & After School Program during the school year.  The children are escorted to and from school and participate in programming when at Seafield.  A morning snack and an afternoon snack is provided.  On P.A days and school Holidays, such as March Break and Christmas Break the children are at Seafield full time and participate in full day programming where a hot lunch and snacks are served daily.


Summer Camp

As an extension of our year round program for the Junior and Senior Kindergarten, children in the Summer Camp will take part in all sorts of activities, including field trips and Martial Arts.  The Summer Camp will begin from the last day of the school year until the first day of the new school year.

School Age Program

The School Age program caters to children aged 6-9 years.  Throughout the academic year, the children have a before, lunch and after school program.  During their time at the center, the children participate in creative activities, have access to the computers in the room, have teachers available to help with their homework, and have free time to play.  With a higher level of thinking the children embark on many challenging projects that spark the imagination.   In the summer, the program concentrates on physical activities, field trips and much more.

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Vacancy - spots available as of September, 2020

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